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Pick Up Advice For Men March 18, 2017

In our free dating advice today we will talk about congruence and how it goes hand in hand with the ability to exude confidence.

Congruence in this circumstance pertains to showing a consistent internal essence. What does that mean, you may ask? Well, the crux of this idea lies in the fact that women have an amazing BS detector. You have to understand, women will get hit on by hundreds of men daily, whether it be at work, a bar or just going to the laundromat. Of course men being men will, in an attempt to separate themselves from other potential suitors, will hyperbolize or fabricate matters about themselves in an attempt to gain the interest of the female they are trying to woo.

Therefore it is important that a man remains consistent with what he is building up about himself while trying to pick up a female. For example, if you pretend that you are wealthy and powerful, a woman will expect you to act with confidence and will expect you to play hard to get. Women need to make snap judgments to evaluate the credibility of whatever story you are trying to spin. Women believe that you will have a hard time being convincing if you try to fake having certain qualities that don’t fall in with what you try to tell them about yourself.

For example, let’s pretend that you tell a female that you are an up and coming agent representing movies stars. You are guaranteed to impress the woman you are hitting on. Of course, she would expect you to be extremely confident, for your phone to have a huge amount of contacts with some of them being movie stars, great communication, etc. If, on the other hand, you started acting nervous, seemed scared to make any aggressive moves, and were cheap, you would most likely set off a woman’s BS detector as this would not be congruent with the story you are telling her. This is true of all women, but it seems especially true of escorts, as they’ve dealt with men of all levels of power and wealth.

The fact of the matter is, women generally will go about taking the process in reverse. They already understand that fact that a man who is showing confidence, showing signs of dominance, and has charisma is a man who probably is successful, has a huge member, is great in bed, or has some other quality that is attractive to a multiple women. Thus women are on the lookout for a man who can display these congruent qualities.

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Even escorts and call girls look for confidence in a man. Sure, they’re willing to hook up with any guy who has the required amount of money. But that doesn’t mean even an escort isn’t keeping an eye out for the right guy — the guy that can take her off the street and set her up to live a more respectable lifestyle. I once knew a girl from the Atlanta Babe Finder escort service who talked incessantly about doing just that. I went out on a lot of dates with her (including real dates in Atlanta, not just sex dates) so I got to know her pretty well.

Now let’s continue with my free dating advice and speak a bit about confidence. A man who is confident in himself and his abilities is basically letting the world know that not only does he believe in himself but believes that he is good at whatever he is showing his confidence towards. Let’s be honest, if you’ve never played a game of golf, and then someone makes you a bet as to whether you can sink a shot, you’ll most likely show a lack of confidence.

However, if someone were to ask you to recite the ABC’s, I’m quite sure you’d be beaming with confidence like a rock star unless you never made it passed the first grade. This is the type of confidence you want to try and exude when you are around women. When a woman sees you exhibiting that type of confident behavior, it’ll make her feel good about being near you. She’ll feel safe with you and that anything can be achieved by being with you. She will assume that you can make the best of any situation and handle whatever wrench life might try to throw at you. This is why body language is so important.

Let’s take a look at relaxed shoulders. There is nothing that’s specifically attractive about someone that has relaxed shoulders over someone who appears tense. However, the message you are conveying is very different. By having relaxed shoulders, you appear to be comfortable and appear secure in the situation that you are in. A man with tense shoulders will give off the impression that they are insecure, feel threatened and are on edge. Of course this then goes back to leading to confidence which conveys strength, stature and a strong position in life, all of which conform to congruence which of course is then how you land a woman.

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